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About Basel



Situated on the border triangle of Switzerland-Germany-France, behind Zurich and Geneva, Basel is the third biggest city located in Switzerland. It is the pharmaceutical center of Switzerland, which is also home to many chemical industries and companies. Basel`s freight ports are of great importance to Switzerland as they have a waterway that connects them to the North Sea.

Numerous attractions have given Basel the title of Switzerland`s cultural capital. Basel is primarily known as a city filled with various interesting and historical museums. Below is a list of the most interesting museums and other important sights in Basel.

On this page:

1. Kunstmuseum Basel (Art Museum)
2. Naturhistorisches Museum (Natural History Museum)
3. Augusta Raurica
4. Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel (Toy Worlds Museum Basel)
5. Basler Münster (Basel Cathedral)
6. Basler Fähren (Basel Ferries)
7. Der Marktplatz (The Marketplace)

Kunstmuseum Basel (Art Museum)

Basel`s art museum has a great collection of some of the most valuable art in Europe. You will find works from famous artists dating back from the 15th century, to present day. The museum consists of a collection from the Gallery and the collections from the "Kupferstichkabinett" (Copper Plated Cabinet). The art in the gallery consists from pieces that are from a large span in history. It is amazing because it combines art from as early as the 15th century with modern contemporary art as well as new age media like photographs and video based visual art.

In the Copper Plated Cabinet you can go on a tour and see the largest collection of public works with about 300,000 drawings in different medias such as watercolor, prints and paintings. Again, the historical span gives a lot of richness to the museum and leaves a lot of room for comparison, letting you analyze the evolution of modern art by comparing it to works that date back to the 15th century.

Naturhistorisches Museum (Natural History Museum)

The Natural History Museum in Basel has a permanent display from which you can learn a lot about the history of the world. The "Archive of Life" has a display of fossils that are sure to intrigue you and leave you breathless. Dinosaurs, mammals, invertebrates, and the geological nature and history of Earth are just some of the exciting things you can learn about and discover in this museum. There is also a group of temporary exhibitions that is usually part of a theme that accompanies many of the permanent exhibitions. From November 27th in 2015 to the 4th of March in 2016, photographs of the contest "Wildlife Photographer of the Year" will be on display at the museum.

Augusta Raurica

The biggest archaeological park in Switzerland, the "Augusta Raurica", gives you an insight on how the Romans were living at their time. You can take tours in the park that involve recreating the Roman lifestyle in that time. For instance, on the tour, you get the chance to see how Romans baked bread and try it out for yourself. There are also actors that compose a scenery filled with dancers, musicians, gladiators, goldsmiths, stonemasons and much more. You get to see an accurate representation of the Roman lifestyle and society. It is a remarkable experience for the whole family with educational purposes in teaching people about the life of the Romans. You even get the chance to try out delicious Roman-inspired dishes such as the Lucanian sausages!

Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel (Toy Worlds Museum Basel)

The "Toy Worlds Museum Basel" shows permanent as well as stunning temporary exhibits spread across four floors. As it has the world`s largest teddy bear collection, fans of this particular toy are sure to enjoy their visit to this museum. You are also able to see a huge variety of dolls, accessories and doll houses in the halls of the Toy Worlds Museum. There is also an impressive racetrack on the top floor that features teddy bears as the drivers of the toy cars on the track. The cars drive by you close enough so you can touch them with your fingertips. A miniature collection of Neapolitan folk art and nativity scenes is just a part of its wide variety of permanent exhibitions. This particular exhibition lets you learn about the inhabitants in Naples and further experience a recreation of their lives. The expos change a few times over the year, so the content is always fresh and exciting.

Basler Münster (Basel Cathedral)

One of the main attractions in Basel is the beautiful Basel Cathedral located in the cathedral square. The cathedral was built in a Romanesque and Gothic style. Work on the church began in 1019 and was finished in the year 1500th. The stunning cathedral is recognized by its beautiful red sandstone build along with two marvelous slender towers. One is the Martin Tower, and the other is the Georg Sturm. You can climb both of the towers by conquering 242 steps. You can climb it only by foot but the climb is more than worth the effort. The top of these towers has a breathtaking view that lets you gaze upon the whole city including the Black Forest if the weather is suitable. It is located on the cathedral square which is considered to be one of the oldest places in Basel.

Basler Fähren (Basel Ferries)

The ferries connecting Grossbasel (Big Basel) and Kleinbasel (Small Basel) and are a lot important to the city`s because of the transport and are also large tourist attractions. The St. Alban ferry "Wild Maa", Münster Ferry "Leu", Klingental ferry "Vogel Gryff" and the St. Johann ferry "Ueli" are between five Rhine bridges and using the power of flow without the help of a motor. If you are someone that enjoys relaxation and a slow and leisurely time, you should definitely use the St. Johann ferry "Ueli" to cross the river. This area of the Rhine is relatively wide so it takes a longer period of time to cross it, but if you aren’t in a hurry and like to enjoy a good view, you will be glad you went on this trip.

Der Marktplatz (The market place)

The very center of Basel is home to a big and beautiful marketplace. This place of trade and bargain is one of the most famous places in Basel for a reason. You will find a lot of fresh products such as fresh fruits or vegetables, meats and spices. If you are looking for a quick snack you are surely going to enjoy some of the many ready-to-eat food stands that this market has to offer. Once you’re at the marketplace, you can check out the beautiful Town Hall which is made of red sandstone and has a beautiful tower, similar to the Basel Cathedral. Political meetings and offices of the State along with other institutions are placed inside this venerable building.