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Business Jets

Spot Group - Finding the Right Jet for Your Trip

For selected few, private flight manages every aspect of personal, family and business travel. Spot Group Team is available 24/7 to plan and schedule every flight you make, either commercial or private. Whether it is your personal aircraft or your fractional share, business or commercial charter, each flight is carefully planned and executed taking into account all the aspects, including your safety, security, comfort, cost and ease of traveling.

If you are traveling a lot, with Spot Group you will find your travel by private business jets more safe, secure, comfortable, and cost effective. Spot Group is in unique position to offer totally integrated business aviation solutions, including:

   Executive Air Charter
   Commercial Full Charter Services
   Flight Support Worldwide
   Aircraft Management
   Aviation Services
   Aircraft Sales and Finance
   Aircraft Completions Consulting
   Aircraft Maintenance

Your benefits with Spot Group flight solutions:

  Fleet Composition:  We offer a large variety of aircraft types, capacity and facility to meet your inquiries.
  Short Notice:          We cover all your trips at anytime with very short advance notice.
  Modifications:         You can modify your trip 180 minutes before your departure.
  Availability:             Spot Group is available to cover your trip 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
  Acquisition Cost:     With Spot Group, acquisition cost is the actual purchase price of the aircraft.
  Management Fees:   No monthly management fees.

Spot Group runs and manages the following capacity of private jets:

Cessna Sovereign Citation 680
Hawker 850XP