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Charter Flights

Spot Group offers commercial passenger and cargo charters for a wide variety of purposes:

      Consolidate Charter Flights / Part Charter and Ticket Sales
      Executive Groups / Incentive Flights
      Special Groups / Hajj and Umra Flights
      International Tourism / Holiday Charter Flights
      Government Personnel / Military Flights
      Material Air Transportation / Cargo Flights

Spot Group team provides you with:

  Highly Competitive Charter Quotations:
       Aircraft procurement
       Flight and capacity planning
       Complete In-Flight Services

  Modern and Efficient New Generation Aircrafts:
      AA320, A330, A340, B737-800, B777-200
      MD83 for ad-hoc flights as well as for long-term charter operations

  On-Site Support:
      Full airport representation for all major Egyptian airports
      Language speaker assistance on board

  24/7 International Operation Center (OPS):
      Following and real-time sending of all flight movements
      Real time dealing with any unplanned situations or delays

Charter flights are time-saving, more comfortable, and even more economical ways of transportation. Based on charter plane size, it is often possible to reduce your costs and use an airport closer to the required destination.

When considering air charter availability, we can provide you with guide prices for both high and low seasons. Access to the market may substantially affect prices. Since we know the air transport market, we are always able to give you the best offer. Based on our experience, an end-customer making direct contact with an airline is rarely worthwhile. As a broker, we can always negotiate better prices, terms and conditions. By contacting an airline directly, you take on the unfamiliar role of unpaid broker. Our quotation is free, whether you agree with a deal or not.

Spot Group runs and manages the following capacity of charter aircrafts:

      Airbus 320
      Airbus 330-243
      Airbus 340-212
      Being 737-800
      Boeing 777-200
      McDonald Douglas MD83
      Dash 8 Q400

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