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About Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf is the capital city in the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, which is located directly at the river Rhine. Dusseldorf is home of about 600,000 residents (as of 31.12.2013) and behind Cologne it's the second largest city in the country.

The bustling metropolis is an important economic hub and one of the five major German commercial centers. A lot of big advertising, fashion and auditing companies have their headquarters in Dusseldorf.

There are also many cultural attractions in Düsseldorf, so it is not surprising, that this city is a tourist magnet. In 2014, there were more than 2.6 million tourists staying overnight in Dusseldorf, which is pretty much when you compare it to other German or even European cities.

As a tourist you can enjoy a wide range of interesting attractions, such as museums, historic buildings and beautiful parks. There are also theaters, concerts and amusement parks.

In the following we would like to present you some of the most interesting attractions in Dusseldorf:

The Old Town

The old Town

If you want to enjoy the local culture in its purest form, there is no way around the Old Town. Take a look at historic buildings, eat in some really good restaurants and drink what many locals would describe as the best beer in Germany or even worldwide. When you walk through the Old Town you reach a promenade next to the Rhine river. There are many restaurants, cafes and pubs worth visiting on the promenade. Especially in the summer, this promenade is frequented by many tourists but also lots of locals.

The Königsallee

The Königsallee

The Königsallee is a beautiful urban boulevard and a shopping paradise with a length of about one kilometer. It's known for expensive luxury retail stores, small boutiques and fashion showrooms. In The center a canal separates the street. In the summer months you can see ducks and swans swimming in the canal. There are about 200 beautiful Chestnut trees along the canal.

There are also many restaurants and cafes on the Königsallee and since the buzzword of this boulevard is "watch and be seen", you can sit down, enjoy a cappuccino and take a look at the people passing by.



The Rheinturm is a telecommunications tower with a height of 240,5 meters. It was finished in 1981 and is the tallest building in the city. The tower is situated on the southern edge of the city center.


It's not only possible to view this striking landmark from outside, you can actually visit a restaurant in the Rheinturm, which is at an altitude of 172.5 meters. The 180-seat restaurant is glass-fronted and rotates once an hour, so that you can sit down, eat something and view the whole city within one hour by just looking outside.


There is a lounge and bar below the restaurant and one level deeper is a viewing platform with a great view of the Rhine with its bridges, the Old City and the MedienHafen. You can even see the Cathedral of Cologne when the weather allows it.

Schloss Benrath

Schloss Benrath

The Schloss Benrath (Benrath Palace) was built over 200 years ago as a summer residence and hunting lodge. The ensemble contains beautiful buildings and a big baroque square hunting park. There is a museum with guided tours located in the main building "corps de logis".

From time to time music concerts are performed at this location in the summer.

Botanical garden of Dusseldorf

Botanical garden

The Botanical garden of Düsseldorf is located in the south of Düsseldorf, has the size of about 8 hectares and is part of the University of Düsseldorf since 1974. The garden contains about 6000 plants of various temperate climates.

While it's mostly a research facility of the university, it's open to visitors all year. The garden is one of the nicest places to visit in Düsseldorf, if you like nature and exotic plants.



The “Karneval” is the biggest cultural event in Düsseldorf. It starts exactly on 11 November at 11:11 a.m. and ends on February 18th 2015. There are several highlights during this time:


This is the time of the year when costumed ladies take over the City Hall and the weekend market at Karlsplatz. They traditionally cut the ties off from the men. Clever men usually don't wear their favorite tie on this day.

Jugendumzug ("Youth Procession")

he Jugendumzug is when young and old carnival fans trek through the Old Town of the city.

Carnival Sunday

On Carnival Sunday the carnival takes place on the Königsallee.

Rosenmontagszug ("Carnival Monday Procession")

On Rosenmontag (Rose Monday) the Rosenmontagszug takes place. This is the highlight of the Carnival and also celebrated in other German-speaking countries like Austria and Switzerland. On this day most carnival fans are dressed up in some way and mostly in fancy costumes. There are decorated wagons, dozens of bands, tons of confetti and lots of sweets.