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General information on entry regulations

It is the passengers’ responsibility to inform themselves about the currently valid entry and exit regulations and to be in possession of all required documents.

Spot Reisen GmbH and the actual booked airlines are not responsible for this.

The traveller is obliged to obtain all necessary travel documents and visas for himself and his family/children as well as all entry and exit regulations of the countries/states which are flown over, flown to as final destinations or flown from.

There are the following possibilities for obtaining actual information concerning entry/exit regulations of the respective travel countries planned to be within the travel schedule:

- For German citizens on the website of the Federal Foreign Office:

- For all passengers worldwide:

Travel within Schengen

The Schengen Agreement applies to EU countries in which you have the freedom to move within the Schengen area without passport and border controls. It is the largest  free travel and movement area in the world. This means that regular border controls are no longer carried out.

Nevertheless, travellers are obliged to be able to identify themselves at any time within the Schengen area. According to applicable law, travel documents must be carried (e.g. identity card or passport - also for children and infants).


Driving licences, bank and credit cards or similar documents are not recognised as valid travel documents or as proof of identity.

Detailed information is available here:

It is also possible to enquire about entry and exit regulations at the embassy or consulate of the country in question


Visa, transit and entry regulations are country-specific and may change at short notice.

Please inform yourself well in advance of your flight.