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Extra Luggage

files/inhaltbilder/Services/Luggage_215-144px.jpgYou have extra luggage?

Save time and pre-pay your additional luggage that exceeds the allowed
(20 kg for Nesma Airlinies / 20 kg for Al Masria)
limit online before the flight.

Wheelchairs must be pre-booked at least 48 hours prior departure time.

Each piece of luggage cannot exceed 32 Kg (even if it is for two passengers).


Cabin luggage/ passenger:          Nesma Airlines 7kg
AlMasria Airlines 5kg
Free luggage/Person:

Nesma Airlines 20 kg /
AlMasria Airlines 20 kg

Children (older than 2 years): Nesma Airlines 20 kg
Almasria Airlines 20 kg
Infants (less than 2 years): Nesma Airlines/Almasria Airlines: 10 kg + baby buggy/seat for children
supplement luggage: 8,00 EUR for Nesma Airlines and AlMasria Airlines