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Flight Support

Spot Group flight support is the distribution network for business aviation services, including fueling, ground handling, passenger services, permission catering and crew accommodations. Spot Group currently operates throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Safety: We are dedicated to safety and security, elimination of hazards and protecting people, property and our environment;
Performance: We focus on delivery of long-term and sustainable value, continuous improvement and reliability.
Service: We strive continually to anticipate customer needs and exceed their expectations.

Spot Group worldwide flight support services include:


          Obtaining landing and over-flight permits;
          Obtaining SCR and slots for landing/take-off at the airports.

Handling activities:
         Arrange handling for passengers and ramp operations (commercial, VIP and cargo flights) worldwide and in all Egyptian airports;
          Supervisions, operations and dispatch services;
          Arrangement of hotel accommodation and transport for crew and passengers;
          Assistance with obtaining crew visa;
          Complete coordination with airports authority and civil aviation authorities worldwide.

          Arranging all catering requirements for commercial and VIP flights;
          Arranging and coordinating in-flight catering facilities.

          Providing fuel supply in all locations across the globe;
          Providing price updates and fuel availability worldwide;
          We accept all major fuel cards and offer discounts to our frequent customers.

Crew Accommodation:
         Arranging crew transportation;
         Arranging crew hotels according to the clients’ budget.