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Spot Group History

SPOT GROUP International is known for 17 years for service and aviation excellence between the Middle East, Europe and the rest of the world. The Group was established in 2003 in Cairo, Egypt, introducing to the Middle East market a spectrum of services and products the region had been striving for.

Through a collective work experience, the group management has been able to expand the operation and services range to facilitate a broad network of happily served customers throughout Europe, Africa and Asia.

Actively catering to multiple market segments with different demands, our B2B offers include classic charter services, scheduled flights, private and executive business jets, cargo flights, medical evacuation and flight support.

Additionally, for B2C, our online booking system enables simple and individualized management of our own operated flights and dynamic package system, with a vast list of available products to suit every personal requirement between flight selection, seat reservation, car rentals and hotel bookings supported by more than 70 professionals within Spot Group Intl.

The main milestones in the development of Spot Group are the following:


SPOT Group Intl. added more aircraft to its fleet, which increased the expected number of flights and made it possible to transport 786,210 passengers to their dream destinations.


SPOT GROUP Intl. transported 626,738 passengers.


Spot Group continued to expand the services, including dynamic packages, through newly branded 4yourbooking in Germany.More than 358,000 passengers have been transported on private and charter flights. 


Spot Group continued to flourish in the Middle East market by opening Spot Reisen representative office in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. More than 164,000 passengers have been transported on private and charter flights. 


Spot Group continued to expand its global presence with the August 2015 opening of Spot Reisen GmbH in U.A.E. as the Dubai branch of Spot Reisen GmbH. Operating out of Dubai South, Dubai World Central in close proximity to Al Maktoum Airport allows for efficient flight services to both passengers and partners. More than 159,000 passengers have been transported on private and charter flights.  


Spot Group introduced the first scheduled weekly flights between Germany and Hurghada. The company successfully operated charter flights from German and Swiss international airports to sunny Hurghada resorts. More than 118,000 passengers have been transported on private and charter flights.  


Spot Group offered direct weekly flights from several German and Swiss airports to the most beautiful holiday places in Egypt. The new booking system has been launched, so that passengers can book ancillary services directly via the Internet.


Spot Reisen PL office has been opened in Warsaw, Poland.


Spot Air evacuated 25,807 passengers on 147 evacuation flights from Tunisia, Libya and Egypt (Marsa Mattrouh).


Spot Reisen GmbH became a member of IACA (International Association of Commercial Airlines). In-Flight Services of Spot Air have been introduced on the flights to Denmark, Kazakhstan and Estonia. Spot Air routes map has been designed to present all the flight routes operated by the company. 24/7 International Operations Control Center (OPS) has been introduced for flight support and service quality assurance.


Company partner offices in UK, Italy and Poland have been opened. Establishment of Spot Reisen GmbH with its office in Hannover (Germany) in November as a Public Limited Company. More than 95,380 passengers have been transported on 135 private flights and 448 charter flights.


More than 33,630 passengers have been transported on 204 private flights and 233 charter flights.


Company registered in new countries to cover needs of Governmental Transportation in commercial and private business. More than 10,765 passengers have been transported on 168 private flights and 73 charter flights.


New activities for Private Jets and Charter Services. Contracts with Libyan Governmental companies confirmed to cover the governmental transportation in commercial and private aviation. More than 6,470 passengers have been transported on 103 private flights and 35 charter flights.


Success in contracts supplying spare parts to airlines. New activities concerning Aircraft Wet/Dry Lease, Aircraft Purchasing, Airline Marketing and Agent for Flight Support. Recognized Agent in Egypt and North Africa for Handling Companies, Fuel Suppliers and Flight Support. More than 3,000 passengers have been transported on 21 charter flights.


Increase of the company into three different entities, including maintenance facilities:  Iberia Maintenance, Austrian Airlines Maintenance and Priority Aero Maintenance Sweden.


Parent company Spot Air has been established in Cairo, Egypt.