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About Hurghada

Hurghada is the home of about 160,000 residents and the largest tourism center in the Red Sea area in Egypt. The city has this status mainly because of European, American and Arab investors, who make the necessary funds available since the 1980s. There are a lot of German tourists, but also many Russians and English people, who spend their vacation at this wonderful resort on the coast.

The city is located near the international airport Hurghada and has an excellent infrastructure. The bathing resort consists of the three districts:  El Dahar, Al-Sakkala and Al-Ahiaa. El Dahar is the old city with many locals, where you can see what real Egyptian life is all about. There are mainly tourists in Al-Sakkala, which is mainly because of the high concentration of hotels, shops and restaurants in this area. There are also lots of hotels located in Al-Ahiaa but many of them are still under construction.

Hurghada is mostly known for it’s more than 30 km long coast and wonderful coral reefs. Here you can simply relax on the beach and enjoy the warm feeling of the sun on your skin. The charming beach of Hurghada is frequented by lots of windsurfers and sailors but where it gets really interesting is underwater. This is the reason for many snorkelers and divers to visit this place regularly.

Here are some of the highlights of Hurghada:

Careless Reef

Careless Reef

Careless Reef is one of the most fascinating diving spots in the whole region of Hurghada. Since it is located in a conservation area, this spot is not overrun by divers. The two huge coral reefs reach up and brush the surface of the water. The area between those two large peeks offers great conditions for diving beginners. As a professional diver you will want to see the underwater caves 40 meters below the surface.

El Dahar

As already mentioned, El Dahar is the part of Hurghada where the old town is located. This place is definitely worth a visit. There are many traditional vendors in the bazaar, who try to sell jewelry, exotic spices, numerous souvenirs and many other things. It's very interesting to watch the specialized craftsmen at work. In the evening the atmosphere is filled with Arabic music, loud cafes and pure Egyptian life.

The St. Shenouda Cathedral

The St. Shenouda cathedral is located in El Dahar and was finished in 2011. It can be visited by tourists without any problems. It belongs to the Coptic community and has a very unusual modern design. Not far from this cathedral, also in Dahar, there is the Abdel Moneim Riad mosque, which has a classical Islamic architectural touch. For a long time this mosque was the symbol of Hurghada. 

The El Mina mosque

The El Mina mosque

The El Mina mosque was built until 2012 and is a good example of beautiful Arabian architecture. As a non-Muslim you have the possibility to look at the stunning interior of this mosque between the times of prayer. 

The fishing port

The fishing port

Right next to the El Mina mosque there is the fishing port with a fish market. There you can buy fresh fish from the Red Sea and watch the fishermen fixing their fishing nets.

Hurghada Beach

Hurghada Beach is the top highlight of this amazing Egypt city. The water is crystal clear and just perfect to explore the underwater world. In addition to the stunning coral reefs, you can also see various shipwrecks underwater. The best way to explore the underwater world is a boat trip to the coral reefs. You can see the Lionfish, the bizarre looking Picasso Triggerfish and the huge Napoleon-Lippfisch, which can reach a length of impressing 2.30 meters. At this place it is also possible to get a diving certification, which is valid worldwide. If you are traveling by boat and you're lucky, it's possible that some dolphins follow you for a while.

Selkhet Papyrus

Selkhet Papyrus is the largest Papyrus gallery in Egypt. The entry is fully free and definitely worth it. They show you how papyrus was traditionally made and real artists give you an impression how it was used thousands of years ago. 



Sekalla is a very modern district of Hurghada. In addition to many hotels, there are also good restaurants, bars and shops in this area, which is why this place is a hot spot for tourists. There is also a pulsating nightlife in Sekalla, since the stores and bars are open until late in the night. If you are interested in boats, you shouldn't miss visiting the Sekalla marina.