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Seat Reservation


Looking for a special seat selection?
For all flights with Nesma Airlines please log into our booking system at "FLIGHT SCHEDULE".
Enter the requested data like airports, date of flight and passenger numbers and continue.
Confirm the flights.
For all flights with AIR CAIRO please log into the booking system at "MY BOOKING".
Enter your family name and your booking number. Click on continue.

Now you can make your personal seat reservation for your next flight. 

Actual prices for 2017 for Air Cairo/Nesma Airlines/AlMasria Airlines:

Standard seat:  10,00 EUR/passenger/oneway
EXIT Seat: 20,00 EUR/passenger/oneway

You can make your seat reservations online, by mail or in your Travel Agency up to 72 hours before the flight.

If you need any support please contact us by mail
or call us +49 (0)511 12345 826.

Please note:

Due to security reasons passengers who want to occupy an EXIT Seat must comply with the following conditions:

  • Be older than 12 years and younger than 63 years
  • Not be pregnant.
  • Have full visual and auditory capability and be able to understand the cabin crew’s instructions and speak English.
  • Be in good health and be fully capacitated mentally and physically.
  • Be willing to participate actively if required by opening the emergency door once instructed

The use of an extension belt in the emergency exit row is not allowed.

When you reserve an emergency exit seat, you represent and warrant that the above-mentioned criteria apply to you. If this should not apply, the crew member is allowed to assign a different seat. Possibly resulting reservation cost will not be refunded.

Seat reservations for families with infants (max 2 persons and min. 1 infant (up to 2 years old)) as well as for handicapped person are for free.

If you need more information please contact us by mail
or call +49 (0)511 12345 826.