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About Switzerland

Switzerland is located at the borders of Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, Italy and France and is not only known for its holey cheese and the Swiss Army knife, but also for its stunning nature, beautiful skiing regions and a diverse culture. In contrast to most other countries, which have one or two official languages, Switzerland has four national languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh. Most Swiss people speak German.

Switzerland has lots of charming cities and three of the nicest ones are Bern, Zurich and Basel. For this reason we would like to give you some information about these cities and tell you, which attractions are worth a visit.


The old Town

Berlin is not only a state and the capital of Germany, it is also the area's largest and most populated city, with 3.5 million inhabitants. The cosmopolitan city is from the touristic point of view, with more than a million daily visitors, one of the major centers around the world and in Europe after London and with Paris in the third place.

In addition to numerous trade fairs and congresses, Berlin has a lot to offer in terms of culture. Whether you are interested in music, museums, theaters or festivals, there is something for everybody.

Berlin has a lot of architectural monuments and other attractions. The most famous building and at the same time the landmark of Berlin, is the Brandenburg Gate, which was completed in 1

Bern is divided into six districts and was mentioned the first time in 1208. It's the capital city of Switzerland and with about 140.000 inhabitants, it's also one of the six biggest cities of the country.

The city has a lot to offer from a cultural point of view. In addition to many cinemas, like for example the famous Kino Kunstmuseum, there are also museums, galleries, theaters and other places of interest to be discovered.

One of the main attractions is the old town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983. The old town represents a successful mixture of medieval and modern elements. Below the “Zytglogge” tower you get a good impression of how the old town looked like in the Middle Ages. Most of the buildings in this part of Bern have an age of 150 years or more. An interesting sight within the Old Town is the "Rathaus zum Äusseren Stand", which is a historic city hall that was built in 1731. Today this building is a restaurant but it's also used for political meetings.

Bern is also called the “fountain city”. There are more than 100 wells in the metropolis, including eleven beautiful figure-fountains from the 16th century.

The “Untertorbrücke” is also worth a visit. It is one of the oldest bridges of the late Middle Ages and represents a link between the old town and the “Felsenburg”, which used to be a fortified tower in the past.

If you like inspecting beautiful churches, you should not miss taking a look at the Romantic and early Gothic styled St. Peter and Paul (Bern) church in the Rathausgasse 2. The church was built in the context of an international competition and is based on plans from France.

Top 10 attractions in Bern:

1. Old Town
2. Figure Fountain
3. Clock Tower
4. Berner Münster
5. Bear Park
6. Käfigturm
7. St. Peter and Paul (Bern)
8. Kornhaus
9. Botanical Garden
10. Zentrum Paul Klee


The Königsallee

With about 400,000 residents, Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. In many areas, such as the economy and science, it's one of the most important cities of the world. Furthermore, according to the internationally known management consultancy Mercer, Zurich is ranked second in the list of most livable cities. Together with Bern, Zurich is also the second safest city worldwide.

Zurich offers a charming mix of culture, nightlife, sights and nature. The metropolis and enjoyment-city also offers many places with a fantastic view of the snow-covered Alps.

The center of Zurich is one of the main attractions of the city. It's a perfect sight for people interested in culture, but also for all those who love shopping and strolling in an environment without cars. Of course, you can explore the highlights of the center on your own but we recommend first-time visitors a guided tour around the city. Tours are offered by the Civil Engineering Department of Zurich and typically involve stopping over historical buildings and other places, such as the Alfred Escher Fountain, the Schanzengraben and the Niederdorfstrasse. In the night the old town transforms into an entertainment district, in which public events take place at certain times of the year. Among the most famous events in the old town is the "Dörflifäscht" in the month of August.

If you want to get to know the culture of the city a little better but also want to explore famous exhibits, you can do that in more than 100 galleries and over 50 museums. Among the most prestigious museums in Zurich is the Kunsthaus Zurich with its works by Picasso, Monet, Beuys, Munch and other internationally known artists, the Rietberg Museum with collections from Asia, Africa, Oceania and Ancient America and the Watch Museum Beyer, which illustrates the story of chronometry.

Tourists that like water sports but also families with children and all those who simply want to have a nice time by the water, should visit to the Lake Zurich. It's a curved, almost banana-shaped Lake which offers best opportunities for swimmers, surfers, sailors, water skiing enthusiasts, wakeboarders and divers. On the lakes-shore is a charming promenade, which offers a great chance to leisurely stroll, eat nice and attend various events. The lakeside is also a popular place for street performers, jewelry vendors and inline skaters.

In the following Top 10 list we have compiled the city's main attractions for you.

Top 10 attractions in Zurich:

1. Old Town
2. Bahnhofstrasse
3. Zurich
4. Zurich Zoo
5. Kunsthaus Zurich
6. Museum Rietberg
7. Watch Museum Beyer
8. Grossmünster
9. National Museum Zurich
10. Rote Fabrik



Basel is the third largest Swiss city. The metropolis borders directly to Germany and France and plays an important international role in the fields of chemistry and pharmaceuticals. The city is considered the cultural capital of Switzerland and has a high density of museums and galleries.

One of the most famous museums in Basel is the Kunstmuseum Basel. Just very few other European museums can keep up with the size of their art collection. The museum not only houses historical exhibits from the 15th century, but also modern art in the form of videos or photos.

The Dollhouse Museum is also worth a visit. In this museum you can see the world's largest collection of teddy bears and a racetrack with teddy bears as racing drivers.

There is also lots of interesting churches in Basel. One of them is the Basel Cathedral Church, which is located at the car-free Münsterplatz. The church was completed in 1500 and is made of red sandstone. It has two distinctive towers: The Martin-tower and the Georg-tower. If you are ready to take about 250 steps, you can enjoy a fantastic view of the city on top of the towers.

The market place is another place you shouldn't miss. There are a lot of different articles that you can purchase, such as fruits, vegetables and flowers but there are also numerous snack stalls to stave off hunger.

The largest archaeological park in Switzerland called Augusta Raurica, the ferries connecting Grossbasel with Kleinbasel and the Basel Zoo are other interesting tourist features in Basel. In the following we want to provide you a list with the top 10 highlights of the city.

Top 10 attractions in Basel:

1. Kunstmuseum Basel
2. Dollhouse Museum
3. Basler Münster
4. Market
5. Augusta Raurica
6. Basel ferries
7. Zoo Basel
8. Cartoon Museum Basel
9. Schaulager
10. HMB - Museum of Music